How to Get Real Estate Leads – The 5 Step Digital Strategy

The online real estate market has never been more competitive, and it can be difficult to make your real estate business stand out in the crowd. If you are struggling to gain the traffic, leads, conversions and revenue that you know your real estate business deserves, it might be time to generate a digital strategy to get some leads for your site.

In this article, we will run through five of the steps you can take to generate high quality leads for your real estate site. This loose digital strategy can be used by any real estate business to increase revenue and gain valuable visibility on the real estate digital market.

1. Create a Real Estate Blog

Creating a focused real estate blog as an off-shoot from your main site is a fantastic way of generating qualified leads and heavy traffic flow to your real estate web site. As well as generating tones of focused traffic for your site, blogs can be fantastic for giving your brand some authority in the industry. Real Estate Blogs are very important in generating qualified leads and reflecting the current buying trends on the market. By publishing blog posts that are relevant to frequently searched niches and trends in the real estate market, you can capitalize on trends and generate targeted traffic.

One of the main reasons that real estate blogging is so important is that blogging increases traffic flow and adds weight to your brand. By publishing functional, in-demand, high quality blog content, you will automatically add authority to your business whilst gaining affiliates and interested consumers within the market.

2. Invest in Your Social Media Presence

Social Media is undoubtedly the best platform on which to reach and engage with your target audience. Active social media engagement is essential for any real estate marketing strategy because social media is so ubiquitous in the industry itself. Most real estate buyers will be influenced by social media and maintaining a strong social media presence is the best way to generate leads.

Creating and maintaining a strong identity for your brand on social media is essential for generating qualified leads and reaching the widest possible audience. Luckily, it could not be simpler to make the most out of social media marketing for real estate.

By posting content on the main popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, you will be racking up traffic, leads and conversions like you could never imagine.

3. Gauge Your Target Market

Figuring out where and who your target market is is perhaps the most crucial part of any real estate digital marketing strategy. Locating your audience and identifying their browsing behaviors is an essential element of any marketing strategy, and the key to success in real estate marketing.

The best place to start is with the organic leads that you have generated naturally. These could be business peers, past clients, affiliates of past clients or those within your existing client network. By branching off a proven, loyal and real-world organic market, you are more likely to find your target market online.

A great way to harness the demographics and behaviors of consumers is via social media, and this is where maintaining a social media presence is so important to any marketing strategy. Platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google offer detailed breakdowns of user behavior, enabling you to optimize and focus content as you need to.

4. Make a ‘Strengthening Strategy’

Once you have located and engaged with a large bank of your ideal clients, it is important not to rest on your laurels. Even though you now have a long list of past and potential customers, the battle is far from over. In fact, it is only just beginning.

It is crucial to keep your target market engaged and interested once you have made contact and got them on board. This is why it is so important to formulate some kind of ‘strengthening strategy,’ designed to maintain contact with your clients and keep them engaged and active with your brand.

Some of the ways that you can strengthen your relationship with your bank of clients whilst pulling in new customers from your focused target market include emails, updates, offers and incentives. By making sure you provide users with a steady (but not over-bearing) stream of high quality, useful and functional content relating to their specific real estate interests, you are sure to keep them loyal to your business.

5. Develop a Long-Term Lead Strategy

Once you have done all the hard work of building your social media presence, client base, blog portfolio and initial boom of leads, it is time to formulate a long-term plan to keep the qualified leads coming in at a steady rate. The good news is, it’s a little easier to strategize in this way when your brand is already somewhat established.

A great way of planning ahead and preparing for the future is by creating content ahead of time. By creating content that falls into a pre-determined and fixed marketing strategy, you can jump the gun and always stay one step ahead of competitors in the real estate market.

As well as creating content in advance, you can create boiler-plates, templates and plans which can be re-used, optimized and re-marketed with each wave of new clients. This is also especially useful for re-targeting in social media and email marketing, where highly personalized pre-written emails can be sent out automatically.

We hope that our five-step list has been helpful for you, and that you might be able to adopt this digital strategy to generate more leads for your real estate business. By sticking to these five broad steps, you should be able to increase the rate of traffic, conversions and qualified leads for your real estate site. These steps are a fool-proof way to ensure that your real estate brand maintains presence on the market and continues to generate high quality leads.


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