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Real Estate leads are the lifeblood to a Realtors business. Today, most real estate agents just don’t know where to look to connect with new clients the moment they need a Reatlor. While Google AdWords Pay Per Click Marketing provides exactly this opportunity, the complexity of this tool is often too much for the average real estate agent to manage.

Our client, a North Texas real estate brokerage approached Bravo Demand after years of digital marketing efforts with several agencies that simply fell short. The broker knew that Google AdWords had great potential to generate real estate leads for his business, but he had yet to develop a well-oiled lead generation machine that was cost effective. When we began to work with our client, the Cost Per Lead was over $35 and they had not been able to generate a profit from their AdWords investment

The results of client’s account were staggering. In the first month, our client spent half his budget in AdWords and received 3Xs the leads below $7 per lead. Quality real estate leads below $25.00 are unheard of.

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