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Branding, Web Design, and On-Page SEO

Here at Bravo Demand, we believe in balancing amazing design with optimal website performance. Our mobile-first approach allows to design and build websites with a clean user interface and amazing user experience.

The following case study of Relo Moving, a residential and commercial moving company in Texas, is used as an example of a project where design meets performance. Relo Moving’s website and online presence was entirely built by Bravo Demand’s team, from branding and logo design to content and on-page SEO.


We believe in simple but effective branding. The Bravo Demand design team studies the most appealing color pallets for each brand. The right combination of colors makes all the difference in the world.

Branding is very important, and our team takes it seriously. First impressions matter, and as digital marketers we have to make sure potential customers subconsciously want to stay and navigate the websites we build. This naturally results in higher conversions.

Logos should be simple but effective. No one wants to see crazy cartoons or intrusive designs. We keep it simple and professional, reflecting a high level of professionalism.

Copywriting and Web Design

Relo Moving wanted to connect and communicate to a large audience, from business owners to homeowners. This allowed the Bravo Demand team to come up with an appropriate content plan and website design that would resonate with both audiences. It’s very important to constantly have the target customer in mind, and that’s exactly what we focus on.

Website Architecture and On-Page SEO

A nice-looking website with some clever copywriting doesn’t get you anywhere if you don’t have any traffic. Potential clients need to know you exist, and driving organic traffic is one of Bravo Demand’s expertise. So, every website we design and build has strong SEO fundamentals, from the way the site is structured, to its internal linking, URLs, content structure, SCHEMA and so much more. Having a strong on-page foundation is crucial for every business, and it’s one of Bravo Demand’s priorities.


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