5 Real Estate Marketing Tools You Should Be Using in 2019

There has never been more demand and competition in the real estate industry. For any real estate marketer or estate agent working in the industry today, there are certain tools that one must use in order to stay ahead of competitors and keep up with the evolving marketplace.

From content management to project organization to email marketing, social media, video marketing and beyond, there are many layers to real estate marketing in 2019. In this list, we will run through just five of the best digital tools that any real estate marketer should be using in 2019.

Here is our list of the 5 Real Estate Marketing Tools You Should Be Using in 2019.

1. Canva

Canva is a must-have marketing tool for anyone working in real estate. It is a streamlined DIY marketing tool that enables users to custom-make their own high-quality marketing content with minimal fuss and hassle.

Canva is an effective and popular online graphic design tool that allows even the most inexperienced of laymen to create their own stunning real estate marketing campaigns. Built with simplicity and accessibility in mind, Canva is made using a basic drag and drop interface that anyone can quickly learn to master. With a wide range of import/export options, layouts, graphics, media and fonts to choose from, the real estate world really is your oyster with Canva. And, if it couldn’t get any better, Canva is especially suited to real estate agents, with a wide selection of real estate templates available including social media graphics, real estate brochure templates and real estate flyer templates.

2. Trello

Trello is an effective task management tool that has become massively popular with those working in the real estate sector for a reason. Trello enables easy organization and collaborative task management services via easy to digest project boards.

Trello allows real estate agents or business owners to track the progress of each project and more easily manage the momentum of the company workload. This tool is especially suited to the real estate sector, and even features custom made real estate Trello boards for those in a rush.

Once you create a board, you can create different lists for different stages of the project and drag and drop Trello cards under the different lists as needed. These update in real-time! With boards being regularly updated in real time, Trello enables users to drag and drop Trello cards in various lists (or sub-sections) within each project. This allows for multi-faceted management and layered organization.

3. Animoto

Animoto is a fantastic real estate video app that is simply essential for any real estate marketer in 2019. Video marketing has never been more important, and video marketing is often an essential element of any integrated real estate marketing campaign.

Animoto is a reliable and easy to use one stop shop for real estate video marketing. Animoto allows users to quickly and effortlessly make high quality real estate marketing videos including property listings videos and professional standard testimonial videos.

Featuring a wide range of ready-made storyboards, music, media and video templates to choose from, you don’t have to be a Hollywood director to craft a real estate marketing video of a high professional quality when using Animoto. It could not be easier to create your dream real estate video with Animoto. To get the process underway, all you have to is upload your chosen media, either a video or images. Once your content has been uploaded, you can use the simple drag and drop interface to edit and create your video.

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an established tech tool that is used by countless businesses on a global scale. While Mailchimp is an established office tool that you are probably already more than familiar with, you may not be aware of its potential as a powerful and efficient real estate marketing tool.

Mailchimp is a simple email marketing platform that allows those in the real estate sector to create and send out professional content in a personal, customized way. Mailchimp enables users to craft letters, emails, updates and messages of a high professional standard without the use of any external developers or graphic designers.

With a wide range of perfect templates to choose from, which you can edit or configure as you please, Mailchimp takes the stress and hassle out of creating an email marketing campaign. Because it is a marketing automation platform, the Mailchimp software also enables real estate businesses to create email campaigns, retarget web visitors and much more.

5. DocuSign

DocuSign is a simple yet incredibly useful tool for anyone working in real estate. Although this is not specifically a digital marketing tool, it can come in handy in endless marketing situations, especially in real estate where timing can be so crucial to a deal. While it may not help you get traffic or conversions, DocuSign is certainly useful in that it can speed up transaction times and enable efficient storage and organization of files, invoices and transactions on the digital cloud. This adds extra security and peace of mind when dealing with sensitive, big scale transactions or making deals with clients who are geographically far away.

In short, DocuSign enables real estate marketers to transfer and sign files and documents with maximum security and minimum stress, anytime, anywhere and on whatever device they see fit. DocuSign is a crucial tool for any estate agent or real estate marketer who is sick of dealing with mounds of paperwork and slow transaction times due to human error. A simple yet useful gem for any real estate marketer in 2019. This has been our list of the 5 Real Estate Marketing Tools You Should Be Using in 2019. We hope that this list comes in handy, and that any digital real estate marketers reading this might be able to improve their work by using some of these tools. Thanks for reading, and happy marketing!


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