7 Killer Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Sales

It is essential to keep your real estate brand relevant in order to grow your sales. The digital real estate market is highly crowded and competitive, and it is essential to strategize and make your real estate business unique in order to pull in the traffic and sales you need. Here is our list of 7 Killer Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Sales this year and keep your real estate business fresh.

1. Formulate an Unbeatable Offer

Often, the best way to make your real estate marketing campaign work is by tempting traffic in with an initial ‘welcome’ offer, deal or promotion. Offers are a fantastic way of bringing in qualified traffic to the site, especially when used as part of a wider, focused marketing strategy.

If you are struggling to gain conversions or in need of more qualified leads coming into your website, it might be worth thinking of some kind of offer or promotion to pull new users in. This could include promotions such as low/no deposit properties, flash sales or user incentives.

Offering goods or services in exchange for compliance with a service has been proven as a successful marketing strategy, and is a great way to grow your business and generate the qualified leads you need.

2. Make Sure Your Used Images & Photos Are Top Quality

It can be argued that high quality photography is the corner stone of any real estate marketing campaign, and that the images you use to sell a property can make or break a sale. Success in the digital real estate market is heavily reliant on fantastic photography because potential buyers often base their choices on images alone.

Choose the wrong photos and you could find your business suffering as a result. This is why it is essential for any real estate marketer to ensure that they are using the best images possible to promote their brand and the properties for sale within your business.

From your website landing page to your choice of ad imagery and the banners you use in emails, it is crucial to make sure that you are using the most flattering and attractive photos and images that you can find.Whether you choose to hire an in-house photographer or graphics design team or you outsource the work to an agency or photography specialist, you are sure to see a boost in traffic, interest and revenue for your business.

3. Monitor the Competition

The real estate industry is highly competitive, and never more so than it is today with digital marketing and social media. A great way to grow your own business is to check out the competition and monitor the trends, peaks and troughs in the real estate game.

By keeping up with the latest tech, promotions and marketing techniques used by your competitors, you have a better chance of finding a gap in the market and getting your business one step ahead of the crowd. This way, you can avoid mistakes without making them yourself and stay ahead of the curve.

4. Harness the Power of Social Media

Social Media is perhaps the most influential and engaging platform on which to advertise or market your real estate business. There has never been a higher potential market than now, and it has never been easier to target your campaigns to a focused audience of qualified leads than it is on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

By making sure that your real estate marketing business is fully tuned in with social media and visible on all of the major social media platforms, you will dramatically increase your potential audience and customer base. By building focused real estate marketing strategies within platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus, you can reach a highly targeted audience of qualified leads based on demographic data.

Social Media is especially useful for real estate marketers because the real estate market and social media are both fuelled by photos. It has never been easier to find an audience by using high quality images shared on parallel social media platforms.

5. Enable Virtual Property Tours

For many buyers, it’s all about speed. By allowing clients to take a virtual tour of the property that they are interested in, you can dramatically cut down on time. Without the need to book physical viewings, you’ll have more time to complete rapid transactions and grow your business.

Virtual property tours are also great for clients because it shows that your business is transparent and that there are no hidden bad surprises with the property.

Virtual tours are now fairly common in real estate web sites, however it is still mainly the big real estate brands that use this feature. By enabling virtual tours on your site, you will automatically raise your brand and ensure that your site is fully up to date.

6. Optimize or Re-Write Your Site

Any business should always be optimizing and improving their site to ensure that it remains functional, relevant and up to date. This is never truer than in the real estate market, which is constantly fluctuating.
By optimizing your existing site, rewriting your site or even creating a new site from scratch, you can dramatically enhance the style, identity and efficiency of your brand whilst boosting your rate of traffic, lead generation and revenue.

Optimizing and re-marketing your real estate web site is great way of pulling in new clients and breathing new life into your brand, gaining interest from past customers.

7. Enable Call Tracking

Call tracking should be an essential component of any digital real estate marketing strategy. Call tracking enables you to pinpoint which ads from your PPC campaigns have gathered the most interest from qualified leads.

Call tracking enables real estate marketers to retarget clients and boost traffic by capitalizing on past successes and optimize content that has not performed so well.

Call tracking can dramatically boost your success rate in any real estate PPC campaign, which can exponentially increase in hits with each new invigoration of the campaign.

We hope that our list of 7 killer real estate marketing ideas has been helpful, and that some of these tips and tricks will come in handy when you’re formulating your next real estate marketing strategy.


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